How to Increase Your Marketability in an Unstable Job Market

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With the country on the verge of an economic crisis, an increasing number of college students find that they are unable to locate adequate employment.  In this competitive market, recent grads are required to display a special skill set that sets them apart from their peers.  So how do you get this special skill set?

Become Involved in School!  There are three specific things that recruiters look for in the ideal candidate: communication skills, leadership, and teamwork.  The best way to obtain or demonstrate these skills is by participating in extracurricular activities.  These extracurricular activities allow students to develop professionally and academically.  This is generally achieved through the various networking opportunities, workshops, and technical work that specific organizations participate in.  In these various activities students are forced to speak, work together, and take charge.  Students who cruise by their college career focusing only on maintaining a 4.0 GPA will be in for a surprise when their lack of involvement will make them undesirable towards recruiters.

Become a Leader!  While becoming involved with student orgs will help build up leadership, nothing says, “I CAN DO THIS,” than person who has taken up the task.  Recruiters want employees who are self motivated, confident, resourceful, and decisive.  While leadership may come naturally to some, it can be definitely cultivated in others.  At times the best way to cultivate leadership is to fake it.  The famous phrase “Fake it till you make it,” applies in this respect.  Cowards do not become courageous overnight, they must perform courageous acts to cultivate it, the same goes for leaders.  By “faking” confidence, you will be put in situations that will grow it, and put you up to the challenge.

Follow Your Passion!  While recruiters are looking to fill a position, they are also looking for an individual who will become excited about their work and will thereby contribute towards the organization or company as a whole.  Nothing is more obvious to a recruiter than a student who is obviously not interested in the job.  Conversely, students excited about the task at hand stand out more than the scent of pubescent teenagers after gym class.  It is your passion that makes you special and determined to overcome any obstacle at hand.  A passionate recruit is an ideal recruit.

By following these steps, even the shyest college student can put up a fight in their tedious journey to obtain employment.  These steps will not only aid you in your development, but will moreover transform you into a confident and desirable recruit.  Where are you in your transformation?

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