Why YOU should join MAES

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Are you looking for a new student organization to join?  Do you want to meet great, new people, while at the same time developing yourself to be the best student and person you can be?  If so, then the MAES is the organization for you.  Here are the reasons why.  First, you will meet fellow engineering and science students, who will likely become a great group of friends, or as we like to say in MAES, “familia.”  The people in MAES have similar experiences, attitudes, and goals as you, making them the perfect match.  Also, many of them share your courses and can help you get through any difficult times in school.  Related to this, is the tutoring services provided by the upper-level MAES members, who have already been through the classes you are in now and can help you with them.  Another reason for joining MAES is the leadership experience you can gain.  If you are a hard-working member of MAES and exert yourself you may become an officer, which will give you invaluable experience in how to be a leader.  As a bonus, having a leadership position looks very good to employers on your resume.  This brings us to the next reason MAES is the right choice for you: career networking.  Through MAES, you can meet many potential employers when they come to your school to present or during a national conference that you attend with MAES.  One of these conferences is the national symposium.  This annual national conference is held in a different city each year, and is where you can meet potential employers or graduate school recruiters, improve your networking and communication skills, and meet other students just like yourself from all across the country.  It follows that as you meet people, write presentations, and build resumes that you will improve your communication skills, which is another benefit to joining MAES.  On top of all this, you will also benefit from your exposure to diverse cultures.  It is important to be a well-rounded person, and being around many different kinds of people and hearing their stories is a great way to do so.  Another important aspect of MAES is giving back to the community, and who doesn’t like to volunteer and help people out every once in a while?  These are some great reasons why MAES is right for you, and if that did not convince you, we give you free food at every meeting too!  So come on out and give MAES a try.  We welcome you to our familia!!!

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  • Gustavo García

    MAES is truly a great organization to be part of. Everyone should join!!

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