Research Poster Competition



The pursuit of a college education is further enhanced by conducting technical research and presenting the knowledge gained. Professionals, graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students who have conducted or are currently conducting research are encouraged to participate in this centerpiece program held annually at MAES Symposium.

[error] Deadline: September 26, 2015[/error] [info]Notification of selection on October 2, 2015[/info] [button url=”” target=”_blank” size=”Large”]Download Application and more info[/button]

The MAES Research Poster Competition is a forum for students to present cutting-edge research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Original works and projects are encouraged with the abstracts becoming part of the proceedings for the conference. Each poster is judged by a series of technical experts that provide feedback and mentoring to the participants.



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  • Be a Student Member
  • Be Age 18 or Older
  • Be Pursuing a STEM Major
  • Meet Enrollment Requirements
  • Meet GPA Requirements
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Application Process

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  • Complete the Form
  • Author your Abstract
  • Submit Materials by Deadline
  • Develop Research Poster
  • Bring Poster to Symposium
  • Present Your Research
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For Students

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  • Be Published in Symposium Proceedings
  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Network with Researchers
  • Present in a Technical Forum
  • Showcase Research Accomplishments
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For Professionals and Recruiters

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  • Identify and Recruit Technical Talent
  • Mentor Future Researchers
  • Serve as Judge
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