Leadership Academy Conference

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The Leadership Academy formerly known as the National Leadership Conference is an intensive program of leadership training. The conference is a unique opportunity for professionals, students, and recruiters just like you. Professionals with aspirations for management and leading teams can participate in on the job training at the Leadership Academy by serving as a mentor to students in attendance seeking to develop their communication, leadership, and teaming skills. Recruiters have the added benefit of also establishing relationships with student chapters and assessing technical talent.

Attendees participate in a full curriculum of activities that address both personal and professional leadership. Perfectly suited for both the novice and the expert, by networking established leaders and with developing leaders it is possible to hone the skills of all involved. Leadership Academy is your opportunity to grow into the ideal candidate in any career path. Come be challenged more than you ever have before.

Signature Events

  • Closing and Awards Banquet
  • Ice Breaker Activity
  • PLUSS Workshop and Mixers
  • Team Building Activity
  • Team Project Competition

For Professionals

  • Build Lasting Relationships with MAES Students
  • Contribute to MAES’ Strategic Plans
  • Enhance Your Mentoring Skills
  • Judge the Team Projects Competition
  • Participate in Area Tours
  • Serve as a Mentor

For Students

  • Attend Quality Workshops
  • Challenge Yourself in a Team Environment
  • Engage in Goal Setting
  • Expand Your Resume
  • Grow Your Leadership Skills
  • Participate in Area Tours

For Recruiters

  • Build Lasting Relationships with MAES Student Chapters
  • Identify and Recruit Top Talent
  • Judge the Team Projects Competition
  • Mentor Future Professionals
  • Participate in Area Tours
  • Present a PLUSS Workshop on Leadership