Bravo Awards

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The idea of honoring role models was an early motivation for the founding of MAES. By identifying and showcasing the achievements of Latinos in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, the organization would have living and breathing examples that dreams are achievable through education and hard work.

The MAES Bravo Awards are designed to recognize the best and brightest Latino engineers and scientists at every level of career development and in any technical career. The individual award categories connect together and are built upon the belief that role models are needed in all phases of the career pipeline from kindergarten through executive. Honorees are recognized annually at the forthcoming Symposium. Nominate someone today!


Nomination Process

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  • Complete Nomination Form
  • Assemble Materials for Nomination Packet
  • Submit Electronically by Deadline
  • Make Plans to Attend Symposium
  • If Selected, Spread the News
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Nomination Packet

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  • Completed Nomination Form
  • Current resume and/or Curricula Vitae
  • High-Resolution Portrait
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Supporting Items
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Award Categories

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  • Amigo de MAES Award
  • Brillante Award
  • Comandante Award
  • Corazon Award
  • Excelencia Award
  • Experto Tecnico Award
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Award Categories (cont.)

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  • Outstanding MAEStro Award
  • Partner of Excellence Award
  • Politico Award
  • President’s Award
  • Virtuoso Award
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[error]The Bravo Awards for 2016 is being suspended;[/error] MAES is working with Great Minds in STEM to encourage all organizations to submit nominations for the HENAAC Awards by visiting here:
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