MAES’ mission is made a reality by the organization’s 100% volunteer-based leadership team of professionals and students and a skilled staff of highly qualified professionals.

Executive Leadership

Will Davis

National President

Joseph Perea

National VP of Administration

Gabe Cruz

National VP of Chapters

Esther Gonzales

National VP of Finance

Connie Medina Garcia

National VP of Operations

Peter Reyes

National VP of Programs & Events

Michael Cantu

Assistant VP of Administration

Juan Carlos Lopez

Assistant VP of Finance

Associate Vice-Presidents

Armando Contreras

Associate VP of Chapters

Abel Guadarrama

Associate VP of Chapters

Hugo Lira

Associate VP of Information Technology

Joseph Perea

Associate VP of Marketing & Communications

Juan Carlos Lopez

Associate VP of Operations

Manny Sanchez

Associate VP of Outreach Programs

Gil Saenz

Associate VP of Programs and Events

Mike Acosta

Associate VP of Strategy & Partnerships

Regional Vice-Presidents

Miguel Sanchez

Region 1 VP West Region

Michael Cantu

Region 2 VP South Region

Everardo Olide

Region 3 VP Midwest Region

Jonathan Ortiz

Region 4 VP East Region

Student Region Vice-Presidents

Rosa Morales

Region 1 Student Rep West Region

Ileana Rubio

Region 2 Student Rep Central Region

Luis Sotelo

Region 3 Student Rep Midwest Region

Osvaldo Broesicke

Region 4 Student VP East Region


Student Interns and Membership Coordinator