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MAES’ mission is made a reality by the organization’s 100% volunteer-based leadership team of professionals and students and a skilled staff of highly qualified professionals.

Executive Leadership

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis National President
  • Joseph Perea
    Joseph Perea National VP of Administration
  • Gabe Cruz
    Gabe Cruz National VP of Chapters
  • Esther Gonzales
    Esther Gonzales National VP of Finance
  • Connie Medina Garcia
    Connie Medina Garcia National VP of Operations
  • Peter Reyes
    Peter Reyes National VP of Programs & Events
  • Michael Cantu
    Michael Cantu Assistant VP of Administration
  • Juan Carlos Lopez
    Juan Carlos Lopez Assistant VP of Finance

Associate Vice-Presidents

  • Armando Contreras
    Armando Contreras Associate VP of Chapters
  • Abel Guadarrama
    Abel Guadarrama Associate VP of Chapters
  • Hugo Lira
    Hugo Lira Associate VP of Information Technology
  • Joseph Perea
    Joseph Perea Associate VP of Marketing & Communications
  • Juan Carlos Lopez
    Juan Carlos Lopez Associate VP of Operations
  • Manny Sanchez
    Manny Sanchez Associate VP of Outreach Programs
  • Gil Saenz
    Gil Saenz Associate VP of Programs and Events
  • Mike Acosta
    Mike Acosta Associate VP of Strategy & Partnerships

Regional Vice-Presidents

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Region 1 VP West Region
  • Michael Cantu
    Michael Cantu Region 2 VP South Region
  • Everardo Olide
    Everardo Olide Region 3 VP Midwest Region
  • Jonathan Ortiz
    Jonathan Ortiz Region 4 VP East Region

Student Region Vice-Presidents

  • Gina Rivera
    Gina Rivera Vice-National Student Representative
  • Paloma Zamarripa
    Paloma Zamarripa Vice-National Student Representative
  • Braulio Reyes
    Braulio Reyes Vice-National Student Representative

Student Regional Vice-Presidents

  • Rosa Morales
    Rosa Morales Region 1 Student Rep West Region
  • Ileana Rubio
    Ileana Rubio Region 2 Student Rep Central Region
  • Luis Sotelo
    Luis Sotelo Region 3 Student Rep Midwest Region
  • Osvaldo Broesicke
    Osvaldo Broesicke Region 4 Student VP East Region


  • Raul Muñoz
    Raul Muñoz Executive Director
  • Emma Ocampo
    Emma Ocampo Meeting Procurement
  • Alyssa De La Cruz
    Alyssa De La Cruz Meeting Planner

Student Interns and Membership Coordinator

  • Travis Mendoza
    Travis Mendoza Media Intern
  • Juan Bahena
    Juan Bahena Media Intern
  • Cassie Acosta
    Cassie Acosta Membership Coordinator
  • Aileen Tapia
    Aileen Tapia Website Intern
  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez Website Intern