Top 10 Things to Remember for the Next MAES Symposium

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The MAES Symposium is a great experience. If you haven’t been yet, here are some pieces of advice from your friends that went previously. Following these 10 simple recommendations will help you succeed at the Symposium and throughout your professional career. They may seem basic, but the basics build the foundation for success.

Don’t let this (see above) happen to you!

1. Do your homework before you leave

Unfortunately no, you cannot submit your homework via text message. Talk to your professors at least 2 weeks before you leave and work beforehand to submit your assignments.

2. Who, What, Where, When?

These are great questions to ask if you’re writing a news article, but they aren’t recommended interview questions. Keep in contact with the new people you meet, and write down names to remember them if you have to.

3. Big Checks are Sexy

Now you just need to figure out how to put them in your wallet. There are a lot of opportunities for scholarships so look at the different ones before you go including: Padrino/Madrina, Graduate, Founders, Presidential, and Navy.

4. Work on That Resume

If your recruiter crumples your resume and throws it into the incinerator, you probably need to spend some quality editing time. Remember to stop by the resume room on the first day (when they’re not as busy) to put the final touches on, and make sure your spelling is rite!

5. Be Flexible

Be sure you stretch between each workshop. No not that type of flexible! Know the schedule for every day and keep some time open. You’ll want to have time to follow up with some of your new contacts.

6. What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Unless it ends up on Facebook, tattooed on your arm, or you find something more beneficial like an internship or a job. Remember that the Symposium is a fantastic opportunity to jump-start your career.

7. Dress to Impress

Check the dew rags, muscle shirts, and gym shorts at the door. Although you don’t need a tuxedo, a suit goes a long way to helping you dress the part at the MAES Symposium.

8. Look Before you Leap

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm, so what do you do?” is not the best way to start a conversation. Research the companies you’re interested in online before you talk to their reps.

9. Pack Lightly to Fit Your GPA

Whether you know it or not you’re preparing for the Symposium all year. Set yourself up for a great experience by succeeding in the classroom first.

10. Manage your time

You’re going to be busy all day. We’d say more about this but got 2 go!….

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