The MAES Pipeline Carries Our Students to Greatness

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One of the greatest things a MAES Chapter can do would be to pass the fun along. One of the best, fun, and most influential ways to do this (and keep the fun going for years) can be to create a Jr. Chapter. Here are the best ways to maintain a good Jr. Chapter

The following Tips will promote a successful Jr. Chapter

“[We’re made up of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Industrial, Civil… Just like the military, we don’t do things as individuals, but as a cohesive unit. And that’s why we’re the best…]”

-Major Gen. Genaro Dellarocco (MAES Symposium 2012 guest speaker)

The US has ranked 23 in the world in terms of incoming Engineers. The way to change this alarming statistic is to get younger students (particularly those still in High School) involved. MAES chapters across the nation are attempting to do this by creating Jr. Chapters, if you know of a MAES Chapter, encourage them to create one.

[one_half]The MAES Pipeline, the MAES Familia, begins at the core level that is family. It then moves on to the early level of Pre-College. The Pipeline continues on to the vital stage that is the college level where MAES becomes truly strong and integrated in our members lives. The Pipeline doesn’t stop, but continues on to the Professional level; becoming an integral part of society. By incorporating yourself into the MAES Pipeline, you’ll gain a true appreciation for the MAES Familia.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

1 Keep in Contact

  • Make friendly with the outreach coordinator for the Jr Chapter school

2 Establish wants

  • What Jr Chapter school want and what we as a chapter can provide

3 Set it up early

  • Plan all events before the school year begins

4 Get Involved

  • Volunteer  to help out at school events that your JC has as well as plan events for them

5 Have fun!

Create a MAES Jr. Chapter and be a critical part of the change our society needs. Success starts with Familia.

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