The Importance of Great Latino Leaders

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One of the greatest accomplishments in life is to give back to your community. “To lift as you climb.” As you advance in life you should always remember the people who got you there whether they were parents, teachers, friends, or mentors. This is what being part of MAES is all about, somos familia, we all look out for each other and only see the best in one another. And we always want more from ourselves, as well as our community to improve upon what being a Latino student stands for. It all starts with being a leader and everyone here in MAES are leaders in our own communities by providing opportunities to younger underrepresented students. Being part of the Science Extravaganza committee in SOLES, in our case, gives us a chance to work with other people to throw one of the biggest events of the year to guide and teach hundreds of middle school and high school students about the STEM fields. These students need leaders to look up to, as well as encouragement to pursue careers as demanding as the ones in the STEM field. After all, we all have some sort of mentor or significant person that has pushed and helped us through the toughest of times, and soon it will be our turn to help the future generation as well. Like Franklin Roosevelt once said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

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