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Life is a balancing act, PV=nRT a thermal dynamic act.

So please read these, couple tips

Because life can be solved with a couple of tricks.


A life without struggles may seem ideal to most individuals. Yet, the hardships we are confronted

with can end up as a blessing in disguised when we least expect them. How we handle our academic,

personal, work, and financial pressures helps us shape our character, a trait above all most desirable.


We, students, are held with the expectations to be the leaders of tomorrow for our community. Some

people break when they are bombarded with responsibility, while others shine among the rest when placed under the responsibility. 


We are seven billion people in this world. What this means, seven billion individuals will all have similar dreams, talents, and ideas whom they wish to share to the world. In today’s competitive world, the only way to shine is to be true to yourself, focus, be driven, and appreciative of all opportunities that come your way.


Time is our biggest enemy, especially when we don’t know how to manage our time wisely. We can spend our entire lives dreaming about the future, instead of making your future into a reality. Work countlessly, be persistent, and use your time wisely.


Balance is the key to success for anything you wish to achieve. Paying careful attention to detail and making sure you keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle can take you far in both life and your professional career.

Through the path that you go and the choices you’ll make You will make some mistakes that will make your heart ache But remember, please do that whatever you do look forward, keep working It’ll be worth it one day When sun shines down The birds will sing and the world will see the beat of your dream. It’s not the value of your shoes but which steps you take That will lead you wherever and let passion guide your way.

It’s up to you where you want to go, the sky is the limit so let your mind soar

Do you have to courage to go?

Can you find your way?

Can you handle the pressure of your own fame?





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  • Linda

    That is so true! Like how you combined a formula with our life.

  • Ruth Juarez

    This is the IDEAL formula to be successful as individuals our school, our work place, but most important of all our society. MAES proves to be the perfect organization to encourage and demonstrate greatness and success.

  • Rocio Garza

    All members should read this and understand the importance of these tips. Its a very competative world out there and we need to know how to make ourselfs stand out and achieve the goals we want in life.

  • Jesus

    very motivational post.

  • Marianne Ruiz

    Nice read, all these things I realized while I was in MAES. The experience MAES gives you prepares you to be a leader not only to your fellow classmates, but also in your professional career.

  • Elyssa Rae Garza

    Great blog

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