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Being a part of the MAES familia is a meaningful, professional and dynamic experience. Throughout the years, MAES has achieved many milestones that increase the effectiveness of the organization to support students and professionals. There can be no better place to celebrate the MAES familia than in Las Vegas. For three out of the last five years, MAES has held it’s annual symposium in Sin City. The energy found on the Las Vegas strip serves as the spark needed to set off an explosion of inspiration and motivation during the annual familia reunion. While each year the symposium attendance is up, there are many that don’t understand the “Jackpot of Opportunities” that the symposium can offer them.

Here is a MAES student’s perspective on the top things that people missed by staying at home.

  1. Lockheed Martin reviewing your resume.
  2. Networking with other schools and professionals.
  3. Career Fare with a professional to student ratio of 9 to 1.
  4. Developmental workshops conducted by top influential organizations
  5. Lean Six Sigma Training sponsored by the United States Navy.
  6. Keynote speeches by distinguished industry professionals.
  7. Valuable face time with employers and industry representatives.

Over 500 students capitalized on “Jackpot of Opportunities.” All of which walked away as winners. At next years symposium, will you be a winner?

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  • Izzy

    <3 MAES!!!

    • Cathy

      Izzy I am so glad you attended that great convention. Great endeavors on your pathway to being a successful engineering woman.

  • penny


  • E

    How awesome!

  • Kristine

    This is definitely awesome and extremely promising! Proud of my MAES peeps 🙂 Take care guys! Maybe I can join y’all next year.

  • Meghan Hernandez


  • rosa gonzalez

    Awesome workshops and brainstorming on internships and career opportunities. Not even the rain and a short power outage could dim the discussions about the bright futures for our MAES students!!!

  • Carina

    I’ve recently gone to a career fair at my university, and I can say that it was nowhere near as easy to meet potential recruiters or employers as it was at the MAES Symposium I attended in Oakland, California last year. For this reason, it is important to take advantage of the networking opportunities at Symposium and fortunately, MAES makes this easy by planning dinners, breakfasts and career fair events. Symposiums are also very fun due to their location and are a great opportunity to meet students from across the US. I very much wished I could have attended this year. Keep up the good work, MAES!

  • Reply

    Looks great!

  • Frank Garza


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