How NOT to be a poor, starving college student

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Many students in college think they know how to manage their money. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, you notice that your bank account only has ten dollars left. Now think: how great would it be if I knew how to save all that money? Or even at least: have some money to take the pretty girl I sit next to lab in? Well now you can, it is simple and easy. Follow these 6 pieces of advice and you will see how.

  1. “Don’t be afraid of the kitchen”

–        Save money and take a cooking class. This never hurt anyone; you can cook your own meals at home and take lunch to school.

2. Apply for scholarships

–        Students do not realize that there are scholarships out there for EVERYONE.  Yes this includes you, the student with the 2.0 GPA. Don’t get lazy about writing that essay, just do it. Think about it – if you spend 1 hour writing an essay and win one thousand dollar scholarship, you just made more than you would make on your next paycheck. At least you would if you actually worked a day in your life.

3. Sell Yourself

–        No, not that way! Know what your skills are; know how to use them to your advantage. If you’re good with kids- tutor them. Things that come easier to you will allow you to study and focus more on school and will not take up much time.

4. Listen to your inner self

–        Ever heard that your subconscious will do what you want? When you wake up in the morning and tell your subconscious “I think I just might fail that midterm today”. Your subconscious will respond with “I’m down”. Being positive and telling yourself you want to do something will always help you.

5. Rub The Belly:

–        A little bit of luck never hurt anyone. We don’t all believe in luck, but for those of us who do: If you think lucky, you’ll be lucky. It always comes down to your mentality, but stocking up on rabbit feet and leprechaun slaves won’t hurt.

6. Buy smart not just cheap

–        Sure that can of dog food is only a dollar and “Prime Rib chunks” sounds like something you would spend $50 on at a human restaurant but:

a) You are not, in fact, a dog.

b) Dog food will do more damage in medical bills than it will save you.

Now you know how to stay afloat. Do any of you have any tips or tricks you’ve learned that have saved you some much needed money?

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  • Sandra Nallely

    Now that is advise I can follow!!!!

  • carmen sanchez

    coupons and sales are always great save you tons of money if you do it right! Also, attending free events where food is provided…a meal is a meal.

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