Engineering School: How to do it?

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To be a good engineering student takes a lot of steps to achieve it and succeed. Probably one of the most complicated careers there are in the world of education is engineering, but certainly it is not impossible. People should always have in their minds, “If they did it, I can do it too,” because sometimes you will find asking yourself why did I chose Engineering, but if you like it, it is worth the “pain” that it brings. The Navy Lieutenant Caleb Wines studied Nuclear Engineering and certainly it was not an easy path, but it was not an impossible task either. There are some points that we will need to have in consideration, and we will present you 7 points needed to succeed in your engineering career.

  1. Always attend your classes.
    1. You might have a class were you really struggle or really don’t want to go, but that will never help you.
  2. Form study groups Not only will it enhance your ability to work and sole problems in groups, it will also help your communication skills
  3. Join clubs and organizations.
    1. Joining them will always benefit you, they will help you know better your peeps and your professors.
  4. Study!
    1. Even though you think you understood the lecture from your professor, there is no harm if you give it a little review, that will help you clarify your thoughts.
  5. Always plan ahead.
    1. Planning ahead of the game will keep you up to date with your homework and your work, projects, etc…
  6. Network!
    1. Networking will benefit you by growing relationships that can open doors toward your career

Lt Caleb Paul Wines said “don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from the mistakes that you make, and you will come out stronger.” The path to becoming an engineer will be filled with challenges and bumps those challenges will be the ones that form the Engineer of the 21st century.

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  • Edgar Chavez

    I plan on studying engineering and this is something that will motivate me to keep my career going.

  • David Ramirez

    good work guys!

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