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Chapter President Breakfast is going on right now! If you are a President or a VP go there! (regardless if you got an invitation right now). College Decathlon has been moved back to 9:30 AM [...]

MAES Takes Vegas By Storm

MAES Takes Vegas By Storm! Here is a MAES student’s perspective on the top things that people missed by staying at home.


Engineering School: How to do it?

To be a good engineering student takes a lot of steps to achieve it and succeed. Probably one of the most complicated careers there are in the world of education is engineering, but certainly it [...]


Reaching the Next Generation: Children are our future, but how can we make a difference today?

Leaders of tomorrow STEM from the seeds our leaders plant today.  Reaching out to the younger generation can inspire them to learn about STEM fields.  As the founding MAES chapter at Cal State [...]


Top 10 Things to Remember for the Next MAES Symposium

The MAES Symposium is a great experience. If you haven’t been yet, here are some pieces of advice from your friends that went previously. Following these 10 simple recommendations will help you [...]


Oh the Places you can go with MAES

Life is a balancing act, PV=nRT a thermal dynamic act. So please read these, couple tips Because life can be solved with a couple of tricks. Pressure A life without struggles may seem ideal to [...]


Next stop… your bachelor’s degree!! How to stay motivated

1.  Ask yourself: Why do you want to pursue your degree? Find your passion! Do what you love and love what you do. Remember that it is very important for you to find a support group or person. [...]


How to Lead Your Chapter to Academic Success

MAES at your student chapter just got better! Show your members how much support you are able to offer them by providing an immediate return on their investment in MAES. Academic success can be [...]


Become the STEM Hero of Tomorrow!

Recently The University of Texas at El Paso MAES/SHPE Chapter hosted the annual Science and Engineering Extravaganza in which elementary and middle school students learned about Science, [...]


How to Increase Your Marketability in an Unstable Job Market

With the country on the verge of an economic crisis, an increasing number of college students find that they are unable to locate adequate employment.  In this competitive market, recent grads [...]

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