How to Lead Your Chapter to Academic Success

MAES at your student chapter just got better! Show your members how much support you are able to offer them by providing an immediate return on their investment in MAES. Academic success can be easily achieved, especially with the support of a national organization that values education as much as its members do.

Increase your chapter’s GPA, membership, and sense of community within a year

Prospective members will be enticed by a FREE tutoring program. Tutoring will not only help your members learn better study skills, but it will help them to connect with one another on a more personal level. This unique program gives the students the opportunity to simultaneously learn their material and build friendships, allowing them to devote time to their studies without feeling deprived of their social lives. Working together to solve problems and being supportive of each other will strengthen the bonds of familia that MAES so proudly encourages.


How to Begin and Sustain a Thriving Tutoring Program:

1. Recruit motivated mentors

For your mentors, look no further than your current MAES familia. Individuals in upper division undergraduate classes and with other university experience are the ideal students to recruit for these mentoring positions. The courses that will have the most demand for tutoring aid are the introductory STEM classes, which upperclassmen can easily provide useful advice for.  Of course they will be paid, not by monetary means, but by the experience they will gain. Keep in mind that mentors do not absolutely have to be MAES members, but might be encouraged to learn more about the organization as a result.

2. Develop a tutoring schedule at an appropriate time

Regular tutoring sessions should be held on a weekly basis, or bi-weekly depending on demand. Tutoring hours should be based around the mentor’s academic schedule; at a time when the most participation is possible. Sources like can help your chapter decide on the best time to help your members.

3. Reach out to the rest of your MAES familia

During the first general meetings of the year, your members should provide feedback on the subjects they need help with. General surveys should be developed to ensure a quality tutoring staff. Reach out to the rest of your familia!

4. Get feedback

Every tutoring program is different. Each chapter will develop their own methods and strategies to enhance their academic performance. Allow your members to provide feedback in order to improve your program each year.

Follow these simple steps and we can guarantee that you will have a successful tutoring program where your tutors are more than just teaching you but are also mentoring you along the way!